Monday, January 11, 2010


I love my boyfriend and since he is important part of my life he deserves to be part of this blog.

I love you pooh bear

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Earlier this week I talked to someone who was going to look up my work location information. Two days ago I got a response back that I would be in Watercraft. So yesterday I went out with my dad and brother to the lake to practice driving a boat, since I haven't been in a while and my skillz are a little rusty. I did fine, of course the whole southeast is experience a freak band of cold weather, and it is snowing today in Alabama so all the schools are out. End tangent
So when I got home from boating my sister said Disney called. I promptly called back and spoke with Nicole, who proceeded to ask me if Transportation had been my first choice, and that there were positions available within Attractions, Main Entrance Operations, Character Attendant, and Bell Services Dispatch. I told her that Transportation had been my third choice, but I had spoken with someone who told me I would be driving a boat. She told me that that was the request my recruiter thought I would do best in and that alot of CPs would be working as Bus Greeters in a Guest Relations type role answering questions and providing information. I promptly told her that I was so excited to be going to Disney that it really didn't matter what I did, I also told her that I did not feel that working as a Bus Greeter would help me as my communication/public speaking skills are pretty developed already and that I wanted a position I could grow from. I told her that my first choice was Attractions and that I liked the magic of being in a park, and she made it happen! I requested a high spiel role and she said she would put that on my application. Now I am really nervous trying to figure out if I made the right decision at the same time I am really excited!

I would also like to add a resounding ROLL TIDE! to the University of Alabama football team in their endeavors against the Texas Longhorns

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody.

Just sixteen more days till I leave for Disney. I will be doing Transportation, which is pretty awesome. Right now I am trying to pack everything up, deciding what will stay and what will go. I am really waffling on clothes right now, because everyone I talk to says less is more, but at the same time WHAT IF? I am also trying to decide if living in Vista and saving an extra 20 dollars a month is worth it compared to living in Chatham. Your thoughts?

Anywho, I will update soon with information on the check in process and what area I am getting. I am hoping for monorail, but watercraft would be ok too I guess, I am just really scared I am going to get stuck as a Bus Greeter. That being said I will be at Disney so I guess everything will be ok, right?